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Everyone is unique and our comprehensive database can help you identify the best colleges for students with autism to maximize your potential for success.

Our comprehensive database of universities for college students with autism features three key components.

Achievement Badges

Our exclusive achievement badges are awarded to all programs in the database to help you easily compare the types of support services they provide beyond the standard accommodations that are offered by all universities.

Comprehensive School Reports

The database has more in-depth information about the programs than what is listed on their websites. We answer all the additional questions you want to know, such as: What is the cost of the program? What is the number of students in the program? Are there social activities? and many more.

Extensive Search Filter

Are you looking for a program that builds social skills or offers academic support? Or do you want to find a program that includes executive functioning support and has peer mentors? We offer over 20 different filters to help you find the right program.

Our comprehensive database of universities for college students with autism features three key components.

ASD Ascend gives hope to parents and children affected by ASD. It gives them the tools to find a program of study fitted to their unique giftings. It gives us confidence for the future, that our daughter will find a place to grow and thrive as she finds her place in the world.

Dr. Ann Brodeur, University of Mary

As the parent of two neurodiverse students, I know firsthand that the selection of the right college or university can be critical. Although high-achieving neurodiverse learners are likely to be accepted at many schools, their unique support needs and specific areas of interest often mean that many of these will be less than ideal. ASD Ascend provides invaluable information and assistance to students and families to help them make informed decisions and promote success.

Tom Beeson, Spectrum Program Coordinator, Clemson University

As a parent of a graduate of someone with ASD, I know firsthand how difficult it may be for not only students, but also parents who strive to help their children maneuver college. I saw a need when my child was a freshman and started initiatives on our campus to assist students. We now have multiple offerings and a full-time neurodiversity coordinator who assists the students directly, while I am honored to meet with parents and answer any of their questions or concerns. ASD Ascend is paving the way to help match each student with a program so every student with ASD can succeed and graduate.

Gina A. Campana, M.Ed., Assistant Director, Diversity Assessment and Research, Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Advisor, Autism Connections Kent Student Organization, Kent State University
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